Solid Wood Home Design

Let us supply you with the material for an efficient solid wood design product for your picture-perfect wilderness lodge, home or cabin on the lake.

Live in a beautiful, energy-efficient home constructed with the finest quality profiled timbers when you choose the Twin Timber design. Using a combination of insulation and timbers, you can build a home that is visually appealing and environmentally friendly. Contact us today to learn more about our patent-pending solid wood home design.

Finest Quality Timbers

To produce the best quality timbers, selected logs are sawn through the heart (center) to allow for complete drying. The timbers are then kiln dried to a stable wood moisture level of the general geographic location where they will be used. Well-dried timbers can be profiled to more exacting tolerances with a clean, smooth, "ready-to-stain" finish not found in any other log wall system. 

The timbers are then oriented in such a manner that the more durable, stable, and visually pleasing heartwood is on the exposed surfaces. This virtually eliminates undesirable checking, warping, and settling common in traditional log and timber homes.

The resulting finished wall will appeal to the solid wood home enthusiast, as well as attract future standard frame homeowners, usually discouraged by the cost, rustic finish, and maintenance of a traditional log home. A half-timber/log siding or paneling can be installed on framed walls without visible fasteners, creating a more realistic look.